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*Cheers to you! You are being really curious peeking up here. And curiosity is the key to finding new talents and discovering new worlds. We would like to thank Creativity Hospital and its founder Nuria Pérez, for her initiative and dedication to this project. And also LaCabeza for their web design and art direction. Last but not least we thank all of you who make this possible with your enthusiasm and honest interest in changing a kid’s life. Now go and explore all our new talents here.

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In Long Distance

By admin

Learn a language before going to sleep

On 25, May 2012 | No Comments | In Long Distance | By admin

Long Distance.

Nuria is a mom who speaks Spanish, English and Italian. Choose a language and connect with her via skype. She will be glad to read you a bedtime story or sing you a lullaby with her ukulele. You will learn new sounds and words and you will have dolcissimi lovely sueños.

Contact her here.

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